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Want to get Showtime for Free or Cheap? Here's how!

Showtime for Free - Showtime Subscription Cost
Showtime for Free - Showtime Subscription Cost

If you’re looking for the Showtime subscription cost, and how to get showtime for free or cheap, you’re in the right place! The Showtime subscription cost for shows like Billions, Black Monday, Dexter, The Chi, Homeland, and Showtime Boxing is free for 30 days, then $10.99 after. What to Watch has all of the tips and tricks you need to binge watch your favorite shows and showtime movies for free and or cheap below. If you want to subscribe to showtime to binge a series and then unsubscribe, or want to find a cheap showtime bundle, or tips on how to watch as much showtime free, or special deals showtime is having, you can find those links and more right here!

Tip #1 – Sign up for a Showtime FREE trial for 30 days!

This method is pretty popular as you can sign up for Showtime, and watch for a month free. If you like and feel it’s worth paying for, great, keep it, you don’t have to do anything. It’s free for 30 days, then just $10.99 a month! If you don’t and just want to watch for free, then all you have to do is set a reminder on your calendar a day before and remember to unsubscribe before 30 days.

SIGN UP HERE FOR A FREE 30 DAY TRIAL  If you want to use this method!

Showtime subscription cost, Showtime for FREE

Signing up for a Showtime free trial on its website is as simple as following these straightforward instructions:
  1. Go to Showtime’s streaming website.
  2. Click on the Start your free trial red button.
  3. Add payment information.
  4. Confirm and enjoy the free trial and watch all of the showtime series and movies you want!



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Tip #3 – Subscribe for FREE for 30 days by using the Do Not Pay virtual card to Sign up 

You’ve signed up for a flashy new subscription service, tinkered with it a few times, then the whole thing completely escaped your memory. The next thing you know, a month has passed, and your free trial has turned into an expensive subscription!

Things can get even more complicated and costly. Some companies are known for giving their customers a hard time when they attempt to cancel the free trial or paid subscription—in fact, they keep adding unauthorized charges to their subscribers’ credit cards.

With DoNotPay’s Free Trial Card, you will never have to worry about this happening to you again.

The way any virtual credit card works relies on its ability to generate a one-off, temporary credit card number that can be used while shopping online. This creates an additional layer of information—a degree of separation—between the buyer and the vendor, which keeps the buyer shielded from internet fraud and data theft.

The Free Trial Card is DoNotPay’s version of a virtual credit card that has been designed to be used for free trial sign-ups.

The Free Trial Card creates unique credit card details that, to the vendor, look like they belong to a credit card issued by the bank. As opposed to other virtual cards, the Free Trial Card keeps your money safe. Because it’s not linked to your bank account or any other funding source, your finances are safe from unplanned, undesired subscription-based charges when your free online trials come to an end.

Showtime subscription cost, Showtime for FREE

Showtime’s Groundbreaking Content

Showtime has approximately 80 shows and over 550 movies, and It’s highly known for some of its groundbreaking, original content. This original content includes Showtime series like Billions, Homeland, and City on a Hill. Showtime movies include Hollywood favorites like 1917 and Hustlers. Lastly, Showtime has an incredible array of sports content, including Championship Boxing. You can watch some sports content as it airs live.


Is Showtime’s stand alone streaming service worth it?

Showtime makes your life easy by offering only two primary watching options:

  • Showtime (streaming service): Showtime’s standalone streaming service that costs $10.99 per month. You can choose to pay for your Showtime plan either monthly or annually. After a free trial, Showtime will begin to charge you its normal monthly fee of $10.99 per month (unless you have decided to cancel your subscription). You’ll have access to a user-friendly interface with all your favorite content.
  • Showtime Anytime: Showtime Anytime is an app and website that cable and live TV streaming subscribers can access. You can access Showtime series, movies, and channels through a variety of different streaming avenues. Each offers slightly different plans. Showtime is free for those who pay for the channel via a third-party service or cable provider.

Keep in mind that if you’re outside of the US, you won’t be able to watch Showtime movies or make the most of your free trial period. That means if you’re planning on traveling, you might be best off waiting to start your free trial until you’re home.

Is a Showtime free trial worth it?

With a free trial you can watch all on-demand and live content for free. Your free trial will allow you to watch all the content without commercials. You can download your content to watch offline later. You can stream on devices including Apple, Android, Fire, Roku, Samsung, Xbox, and PS4. Your free-trial will also allow you to stream on a simultaneous three devices.

If you’re a fan of Showtime’s movies and series, a free trial is definitely worth it. There aren’t many downsides to trying out Showtime’s free trial, given you can cancel it at any time. If you don’t want to continue to subscribe, make sure you cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. All in all, it gives you a full month to take the service out for a spin and then you can decide for yourself.

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