Billions Season 5, Part 2

What is Bobby Alexrod up against? We're about to find out in Part 2

Billions Season 5, Part 2 (First Episode Premiered September 5th)

Billions Season 5

Tensions were high for every character in season 5, so audiences are sure to see the complexities of their personal and professional lives explored even further. With the series focused on the stock market, the writers may explore recent financial mishaps like the debacle surrounding the Robinhood app. Also, with the new leadership in the Oval Office — and a president with no personal investment in the fluctuation of stocks — the show may allude to the country’s political future.
The meat of the series is, of course, the cat and mouse game between Chuck and Bobby. In season 3, there was an alliance formed between the pair, but neither could inevitably let go of their egos, which always forms conflict between the two. As Chuck continues to interrupt Bobby’s goal of chartering his own bank, another alliance in season 6 is unlikely to happen. Billions has never run out of drama, and the next season should give viewers the fix they craved.

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