Looking for what to watch? So were we! We created this site as our ultimate watch list, so you can find what to watch on Netflix, what to watch on hulu, what to watch on prime, etc etc you get the point. We wanted a place to go to read quick recaps and reviews of our favorite series, episodes and shows, and then where to find them online. This site is not a comprehensive list of every show out there. It’s a list of GOOD shows or movies that we’ve watched and posted about, with links on where to watch. This site contains affiliate links and advertising, in order to try to recoup the money the site costs to run. 

We’re looking to expand reviews and hire reviewers. If you’re interested, here is a post on how to review a movie, show, series or episode, or you can email it to reviews@what-to-watch-online.com with your paypal info and if it’s a good review, we’ll post it! Currently we can afford to compensate $1 for well written reviews. You can submit up to 100 reviews at a time. 

Drum roll… We’ve recently added discussion forums so users can talk about the shows they love!

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