Foundation on Apple TV Premieres September 24th

Attention all Sci-fi lovers and space geeks! Foundation is streaming now!

Foundation on Apple tv
Foundation on Apple tv

Attention all sci-fi fans: The much anticipated premiere of Foundation on Apple TV+ is streaming now! The storyline is as follows: A complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. Based on the award winning novels by Issac Asimov (whose works have inspired the likes of Star Wars and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), David S. Goyer’s “Foundation” doesn’t follow the plot line and recreate the the characters, it uses Asimov’s stories and bases it’s characters on inspiration. The settings and themes of the storyline have been adapted and leveraged Apple TV’s big budget to create a science fiction masterpiece of the times.

Watch the official teaser for ‘Foundation’ from Apple TV+

The one character that remains mostly untouched from Asimov’s original ‘Foundation’ is cast with Jared Harris playing Hari Seldon, the mathematician who begins the story after finding the end of the galaxy is eminent. Hari like most brilliant scholars has a bit of an ego, which makes it easy to understand why many would decide to follow him to the end of the universe. The show has plot twists and fans can expect to be delighted with a solid lineup episodes. While some critics are skeptical of ‘Foundation’ we here at What to Watch have high hopes for what’s in store as a new episode drops every Friday. Read more for ‘Foundation’ cast and episodes.

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‘Foundation’ Episodes

Gaal Dornick leaves her life at Synnax behind when the galaxy’s greatest mathematician, Hari Seldon, invites her to Trantor.
The Foundation makes the long journey to Terminus as Gaal and Raych grow closer. The Empire faces a difficult decision.
Brother Dusk reflects on his legacy as he prepares for ascension. The Foundation arrives on Terminus and finds a mysterious object.
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‘Foundation’ Cast (from IMDB)

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