Watch Selena Gomez get pierced on a girls night out

The heart wants what it wants and for Selena Gomez—that’s a brand-new piercing. See the singer debut her newest piece of jewelry during her night out with friends.

Selena Gomez new Piercing
Selena Gomez new Piercing

Tell us something you don’t know? Selena Gomez is showing off a new ear accessory.

On a girls night out, the Rare Beauty founder and her pals opted to pop in and get a few piercings after their mission to find a Build-A-Bear within the mall went a little awry. In a Sept. 14 TikTok video shared by her pals GirlPool (rock band members Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad), Selena briefly showed off her new helix artwork.

After one pal joked that she was the only one to get something from the body piercing shop, this prompted the singer to unveil her tiniest new small hoop. And of course, fans commented with just how impressed they are with the musician’s latest beauty decision.

One fan commented with their excitement and shock, writing, “Omg Selena has a piercing.” While another highlighted the sweet moments of the evening, adding, “Friends who get piercings together, stay together.” And another user perhaps best expressed how we all feel watching the video, writing, “This is everything I need in a friend group and more.”

She’s a boss.

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