Calling all movie buffs and tv junkies! Get paid to write reviews here

We want to pay you for your Netflix, Hulu, Prime, TV series, shows, games, and movie reviews!

Get paid to write reviews for us
Get paid to write reviews for us

Calling all movie buffs and tv junkies! We’re looking to expand our reviews and hire reviewers. If you’re interested, here is a post on how to review a movie, show, series or episode, or you can email it to with your paypal info and if it’s a good review that meets our criteria, we’ll post it! Currently we can afford to compensate $1 for well written reviews. You can submit up to 100 reviews at a time. Get paid to review movies, get paid to review shows, and more here!

How to submit a review:

  1. Register for What to Watch Online.
  2. Fill out your profile – be sure to add links to your socials and a little information about yourself. Please keep it PG or PG-13 folks!
  3. Go to Posts on the left hand side and click ‘Add New’.
  4. Enter in the title – which should be the name of the movie, show, or series.
  5. Enter in a subtitle.
  6. Write post, and feel free to include an image from the official media site that owns the content. Ie, promotional photos from netflix, showtime, hulu are okay to use. If you can’t find one we’ll find a photo and edit the review. Posts should be at least 300 words to be considered. Posts may not contain vulgarity. We reserve the right to edit posts for grammar and add images or ads. Remember this site is for recommendations of what to watch, so keep reviews framed towards what shows you like and would recommend. Reviews can be critical, just be sure to keep it constructive, or say why you liked season 1 better than season two etc. We reserve the right to not approve or post reviews for any reason. If the review is mildly good and follows all of these guidelines, we’re likely to post it. You can add in a trailer or a youtube clip and be creative or funny too! To add a youtube clip, go to the share button on the youtube video and copy the ’embed’ link in.
  7. Add in any info you would like about yourself, the reviewer, and feel free to link to your socials or blog. Please note, if we pay you for the review, we are purchasing the content from you and will own it and have the right to publish it. To get paid, follow instructions below. If you aren’t interested in being compensated the $1 via paypal, do not send us your paypal email address.
  8. Chose the appropriate category or categories on the right.
  9. Click the ‘Submit for Review’ button to submit a review.
  10. Copy and paste the review URL or screenshot into an email with your paypal email address and how many reviews you’ve completed and we’ll review them and if they meet the criteria above, post them live. Send emails to to be compensated.
  11. You can also email your review directly to
  12. You can also post your reviews and your paypal email address in the reviews forum here.


We will compensate users upon receipt of email specifying paypal email address for payouts. We can offer $1 for approved review. If you want us to send it in increments let us know.

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