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Star Trek Original Series

The Star Trek Original series follows the crew of the starship USS Enterprise as it completes its missions in space in the 23rd century. William Shatner plays Captain James T. Kirk — along with half- human/half-Vulcan science officer Spock, ship Dr. “Bones” McCoy, Ensign Pavel Chekov, communications officer Lt. Nyota Uhura, helmsman Lt. Hikaru Sulu and chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott — confront strange alien races, friendly and hostile alike, as they explore unknown worlds. Cast of star trek original series to follow…

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Cast of Star Trek Original Series:

Main Cast

William Shatner as James T. Kirk, commanding officer of the USS Enterprise.
Leonard Nimoy as Spock, first officer and science officer.
DeForest Kelley as Leonard McCoy, chief medical officer.
James Doohan as Montgomery Scott, chief engineer.
Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhura, communications officer.
Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov, navigator and security/tactical officer.
George Takei as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman

Recurring cast

Majel Barrett as Nurse Christine Chapel, medical officer.
Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand, Captain’s yeoman.
Roger Holloway as Roger Lemli, security officer.
Eddie Paskey as Leslie, various positions.
John Winston as Kyle, operations officer.
William Blackburn as Hadley, helmsman.

For William Shatner Fans…

Though he’s 90 years old, Shatner has shown no signs of slowing down. After “Star Trek” was canceled in 1969, he briefly returned to voice Kirk for the “Star Trek” animated series. In 1979, he again reprised his role as Kirk in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” He’d continue to do so regularly until 1994’s “Star Trek Generations.” He even directed one of the “Star Trek” movies: “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.”

Besides “Star Trek,” Shatner starred as the titular police officer on the ’80s procedural “T.J. Hooker” and narrated “Rescue 911,” a show that consisted of dramatic reenactments of real crimes.

Other roles that you might recognize Shatner from: a pageant host in “Miss Congeniality,” attorney Dennis Crane in “The Practice” and its spin-off “Boston Legal” for which he won two Emmys, and in the 2016-2018 reality show “Better Late Than Never,” in which Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw traveled around the world and experienced different cultures.

In 2021, he co-starred in the rom-com “Senior Moment” with Jean Smart and Christopher Lloyd.

Shatner has written multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction over the course of his career. His 2016 book, “Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man,” was about his friendship with “Star Trek” co-star Leonard Nimoy, who played his on-screen better half, Commander Spock.

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